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Lead Generation:

With our effective lead generation services that are the strategic combination of SEO Services and PPC Services, we can provide you the reliable quality leads. With compelling landing pages created by our experts can highly influence the visitor’s interest so to make them convert into targeted quality leads. It’s a strong strategic implementation of the SEO along with Pay-Per-Click Advertising that makes us unique from the other lead generation companies. So before choosing a lead generation company, you should be aware of what kind of tactics they are using to create leads. It will give you a clear cut idea of what they are actually offering you.

b2b lead generation

Lead Generation Services Offered By Us

We primarily offer the services that include the following kind of leads:

B2B Lead Generation

Most of you already know that in B2B Lead Generation that is known as business to business (B2B leads) this we provide the leads from one business to another. We go through potential customer’s information such as company, business, the products they are dealing with, and then adopt our strategic ways like creating compelling landing pages, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and other effective ways to approach them.

b2c lead generation

B2C Lead Generation

In B2C Lead Generation that is known as business to consumers. In B2C we firstly create landing pages as per the requirements of the product and then run the PPC ads, run social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, running paid ads on various platforms. We also include some of the proven techniques like search engine marketing, content marketing, product promotion on various platforms, and more proven tactics.

How Our Lead Generation Service Work


List of businesses that matches your business


Expand your network within the target business owners


Engaging with the similar business owners using the relevant channel


After effectively implementing the process converting them into quality leads

How MsgInfosys Help Businesses To Succeed

How MsgInfosys Help Businesses To Succeed

From the initial stage to final results we help you through the entire process in finding the right leads for your business. Using the multiple channels to target your potential customers that can increase your business revenue in multiple folds. It includes:


Sending personalized emails
Sending them discount emails


Providing them 24*7 support
Time to time follow-ups


Voice calls, as well as skype calls
Follow-ups calls


Invite them to connect on the social media platforms
Sending them discount emails

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What Else We Offer In Our Lead Generation Service?

There are many lead generation companies when you go through the internet then you will find that the market is full of lead generation companies with a deceptive approach.
Along with the paid lead-generation marketing, we at MsgInfosy do the following things to make your brand and services stand out among the crowd and it includes:

  • Developing premium content for your business to attract new customers
  • Creating neat and eye-catchy landing pages to convert the visitors into leads
  • Call to action button for better user interaction with the landing pages
  • Promoting your products on the popular social media platform like Facebook for B2C, LinkedIn for B2B, Instagram, Twitter and more
  • Create new informational blogs related to your products and services to engage visitors’ attention and traffic

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