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Twitter Marketing Strategies To Beef Up Your Social Game

Twitter Marketing Strategies To Beef Up Your Social Game


Nowadays the success of a brand and its influence on the consumers is hugely impacted by how they leverage the social media platforms in their brand building and marketing strategy.

Social media is an important element for any brand to attract, engage, and convert users into customers. Brands and marketers are investing heavily in leveraging social media for their success. 

We have created a blog that will help you leverage one of the most important social media platforms i.e. Twitter to drive your brand growth and gain profitable results. 

So, let’s get started with Twitter marketing strategies. But first, let’s know why Twitter is important here. 

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter is a unique social media platform that relies on micro-blogging characteristics making it interesting and entertaining for the users. There are almost 350 million active users on Twitter with almost half of them being actively monthly. 

As a social media platform, Twitter is hugely dynamic, flexible, communicative, interactive, engaging, entertaining, and valuable. 

The best part is that the content on Twitter is engaging and valuable as it a micro-blogging platform that limits the “characters” you can use in your post and it is known as one of the best to have communication between users and brands. 

So, here we have listed a few Twitter marketing strategies that you can leverage to build your brand and drive growth.

Twitter Marketing Strategies For 2020

1. Create Your Brand/Twitter Hashtag

Hashtags are one of the most crucial elements in the social media marketing ecosystem and brands & marketers rely heavily on hashtags to make their campaign successful.

So, you should get started by creating your brand’s unique hashtag that can help in easy identification of your brand, or users can easily relate your brand to it. 

Having a hashtag will give the users a medium to find content relating to your brand and along with that, it will help in magnifying your brand reach to new audiences, gain maximum brand awareness and exposure. 

Also, the great part is that you can also encourage the users to share content around the hashtags that you can leverage in your marketing as well.

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2. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most important form of content for a brand in marketing as UGC helps in showing the true identity and value of any brand and its offerings. 

User-generated content is basically the real experiences and review of your followers or customers about your brand and its products/services. 

So leveraging user-generated content in your marketing can help you showcase transparency and authenticity along with building trust and reliability among the users which is extremely important in this digital age. 

Using your hashtag campaigns or just by engaging and interacting with the followers and users, you can motivate them to create and share valuable and relevant content about your brand to build social proof. 

3. Use Interactive & Gamified Elements

Nowadays it is essential to be consumer-centric if you want to build a successful brand, so you can use the interactive and gamification elements like chats, tweets, polls, hashtag campaigns, quizzes, rewards, offers, etc. 

These will help in grabbing the attention of users and will work like a magnet to engage them and drive your growth. As the users love to take part in such elements where they can win something like rewards or recognitions. 

Also, these will help in developing a more personalized and humanized relationship between the brand and its followers & customers. It is an excellent solution to build a loyal following and customer base as they would want to leverage such opportunities continuously.

4. Integrate Twitter With Website Though Widget

It is not necessary that you stick to Twitter only for marketing, instead; you can go beyond Twitter to expand your presence and magnify the benefits to new realms.   Using the Twitter widget, you can discover and curate all the valuable content from Twitter using profiles, hashtags, timeline, etc be it UGC or branded content into a feed. 

You can then embed Twitter feed on website to cross-channelize the benefits. You can enable real-time content updates to fetch content instantly and automatically from Twitter. 

Displaying the valuable content on Twitter will help in making the website more engaging and interesting for the users. You can grow your Twitter following by guiding visitors to the Twitter profile. 

The increase in engagement will also help in boosting the dwell time on your website and reducing the bounce rate leading to SEO benefits and more impressions and traffic from the search engines along with better ranking.

5. Leverage Trends & Tools For Efficiency

Firstly, social media is a place driven hugely by trends, for example, you might see a lot of political posts & content around elections, or seasonal posts trends, or maybe other news & updates. 

These trends are hugely popular as users actively search for content around such topics. Leveraging the trends on Twitter can help in gaining short-term maximum exposure, reach, and awareness. 

Along with that, you can leverage tools like Hoot-suite or Buffer to manage and schedule your social media posts like Twitter. Why are we talking about management though?   These tools help greatly for effective planning and content sharing reducing chaos and complexity. Also, these help in making sure that you have consistency and effectiveness in your content.


These were some of the best Twitter marketing strategies that you can leverage to amplify your social media presence and influence over the users and customers.  It is not necessary that you use all these ideas and strategies but you can choose the best and most suitable ones for your brand and start leveraging these to drive your brand growth and success.