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Android Instant Apps Have Changed Many Things of Mobile, How?

Android Instant Apps Have Changed Many Things of Mobile, How?

Firstly let me tell you about what instant apps are? Instant apps are designed to let you use any app without actually installing it on your smartphone. Google has introduced a feature in the Google play store for the apps and it lets users use and check the Google play store apps without installation. As of now only certain apps and devices support this feature.

If you open Google play store and search for an app you are looking to install on your device then if the application as well as your phone support instant apps then you will see an option try it.  You just need to click on the Try Now button and there you go. You can check the application without downloading it on your phone. Pretty cool! Isn’t it? 

To use instant apps on your device firstly you need to enable the instant apps option in your device and then after when you will open the play store then the supported apps will show you the option of trying it button.

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Why Instant Apps are Important?

So from the above discussion about instant apps, you would have understood the concept of Instant Apps. Instant Apps provide user access as a cloud-based version of the app on their android device without downloading or installing the app on their phone. 

It lets the user check everything about the application like how it works, its user interface, loading time whether it's working smoothly or lagging in between. So it's a pretty cool idea to let the user check every aspect of the app without actually installing it on their phone.

What are the Benefits of Instant Apps for Your Business?

There are many benefits of Instant Apps and Android app developers are working towards it to make it more user friendly because of the increasing competition in the Mobile app development market. Companies are focusing to make the apps user friendly, supporting instant apps features so that companies can promote their apps on other platforms. 

Instant apps increase the conversion rate because sometimes what happens a user just wants to have a basic idea and feel about a particular app, in that case, it's very easy and convenient from a user’s perspective.

Instant apps increase the exposure of apps because a user can share your app on multiple platforms and other users can also try the app without downloading the app. Because instant apps let the user use the apps without installing it so it saves a lot of device space and memory and one the user is okay with the app he/she can install and use.

What is the Future of Instant Apps?

Now you are well aware of every aspect of instant apps, its importance, and benefits. So more and more android developers are including instant app features for their apps so that users can use their app. Since Google introduced the instant app feature in the play store from then to till now you are seeing that more and more android developers are developing apps that support this feature and in the coming days every app will be supporting Instant app feature.