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15 Reasons Why Python is So Much in Demand

15 Reasons Why Python is So Much in Demand

Python, a programming language that has been designed by Guido van Rossum. The parent company for this language is Python Software Foundation. He designed a multi and general-purpose high-level language. As it is said that this multi-purpose language is used in many sectors of IT like Big data, Web development, software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. It helps the programmer to concentrate on the functionality of the application.

It is always compared with Java and the former is said to be better than the latter. It is also known for its syntax. There are certain protocols to follow that define a Python program. Some experts do not recommend Python for beginners, this is because they say the language lacks coding ethics. But if you learn it in the right way, then there will not be any problem.

If you are thinking about how Python got its name, then here’s the answer. Python’s designer Guido was reading a script from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. It is a comedy series from the 1970s. Guido wanted the name of his language to be short, simple, and mysterious. Hence, he decided the name Python for his language.

Why is Python So Demanding?

Python is very popular and has a great demand in the market. But why is it so much popular? Here are 15 reasons why it is so much in demand:

  1. Simple – Python is really simple to use and is also a very user-friendly language. You just need to install Python and you can start with your programming. Its code is simple to read and understand. It is not much complex as C and C++ or Java. If you want to know how to start programming in Python, then you can easily search online and watch its tutorials.

  1. Free – Python is completely free. It is an open-source high-level programming language. Anyone who wishes to install it can simply open their browser go on the official website of Python and download the latest version. It is used in so many sectors and yet it is free, this is one of the reasons why it is so much popular and in demand.

  2. Big Data – Due to Python being incredibly easy, it is used in big data and other cloud computing solutions. It is one of the reasons, that helped Python reach success. It is popularly used in data science and artificial intelligence and other modern technologies. Analyzing and organizing the information into meaningful data is possible with the help of Python.

  3. Machine Learning – Python language comes with abundant libraries that can be used for multiple reasons. One of the reasons why developers love Python is that its libraries help in developing machine learning algorithms.

  4. Data Science – As Python helped the machine learning and artificial intelligence fields, similarly, it also helps in data science. Its libraries and frameworks like NumPy, PyBrain, and PyMySQL have helped them to discover new theories in data science. The diversity of these libraries is also extremely impressive. This language allows the developers to experiment according to their abilities and invent new things. This is one reason why data science is such a success today.

  5. Automation – Writing a program in Python is so simple and easily executed. It saves a lot of time due to the language being automatic. If you have used this language, then you will be able to resonate. Time taken to write the code and execute is quick. It supports dynamic writing and runs from the source code (because it is an interpreted language)

  6. Artificial Language – Along with machine learning, the standard libraries of this language also help in creating prototyping algorithms for artificial intelligence. Its interpretive run-time coding helps in developing such algorithms. You must have heard of Siri, it is coded in Python and the framework is also hosted by the same language. Sometimes, Java is also used for this.

  7. Web Development – Flask and Django are some of the frameworks and libraries of Python that provides great help in web development. Coding the website is very easy and takes less time. On the other hand, coding in PHP or other web development language can consume more time as compared to Python. An example of a website coded in Python is Reddit.

  8. Multipurpose – As Python is a flexible programming language. It was stated earlier that it is used for multiple reasons and sector. Its diverse libraries and functionalities allow the developers to use it for making different applications and platforms.

  9. Libraries – Python is a versatile language. It has a huge diversity of different frameworks and libraries. A programmer can bring out the best of their creativity and innovation by experimenting with the help of these modules and develop solutions that can help people out in the world.

  10. Salary – Salary is a huge motivating factor for any employee to work or even to choose a field for himself or herself. As Python is so much in demand, the developers and programmers’ expert in this language enjoys a lucrative package. As a Python expert can work in sectors like web development, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, etc. All of these sectors are amongst the highest paid in the IT industry. As

  11. Growth – As soon as Python was really it caught a fast pace and quickly became one of the most prevalent programming languages. Both beginners and experienced people can have a great and promising career in Python. As data science, machine learning is still a growing sector, there is a huge demand and scope for this language.

  12. MNCs Use Python – If you are interested to work in a multinational company like Google, TCS, Infosys, etc., then you must definitely learn this language. Due to its demand and scope companies are seeking Python programmers. You can also find Python Jobs on its official website and apply for the position that’s most suitable for you.

  13. Well Supported Language – Because of its popularity Python is highly supported and has a strong community. If you want to learn this language, then there are plenty of tutorials online and YouTube videos explaining the core concepts of the language, syntax, tips, and tricks, how to make a particular program, step by step guide to make a project, etc. Hence, it is easily accessible for everyone who wishes to learn it.

  14. Efficient and Reliable – There is no denying that Python is an efficient and reliable language. You can ask any Python developer about it and they will tell you the same thing. It is platform-independent and can work on any platform and provide the same experience everywhere. It doesn’t matter which platform you use, there is no performance loss.

These are some of the reasons why Python is so much in demand and popular. Whether you are a beginner or experienced person, you can start with Python and open doors for various opportunities. If you are already well versed with the language like Java, C, and C++, then it can allow you to go for the fields like artificial intelligence, data science, etc. You can do online courses or do a certification from an institute both of them can be very beneficial for you.