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Website Design and Development 2019 Forecast- What Is In And What Is Out?

Website Design and Development 2019 Forecast- What Is In And What Is Out?

What is website design and development? Website designing and development is done by professionals who design, plan, create and update websites. Website design and development is reaching new heights year by year. It is being treated as an important factor and that too in a more serious way than before. The benefit of choosing best web development company in Australia is that the professionals of the company are aware of the latest trends, techniques, and tools which will help you, in the long run, to stand out from the competitors.

While looking at the trends for web design and development one thing that certainly comes out is focus on clear elements with WordPress development becoming more popular than ever, it is here to stay.  You will be left behind if you do not get in step with the ever-changing fast-paced world. Following 2019 website design and development tips that every web development company in Australia follows, can actually make your website stand among others.

What Is In And What Is Out?

  • Innovations And Old Traditions: Even a few years back web designing was not that popular. In the coming years, ideas which are good would be implemented and web designing would play a very important role in making people adapt to this kind of business environment. New tools, movements, and views are appearing and more unique a company more success it would gain.
  • Real Life Images: Quality of image in the old days was not that good. But with the advent of time, the situation has become different. High-quality image and video is a good sign and the customer would get a good vibe out of it. Therefore in the coming years, large pictures with high resolution would be introduced. You have to make the customer or user fall in love with the product through its image.
  • Color And Gradient: The more bright colors you have the more you will attract customers. Many value old-school styles like neural colors and shades and common gradients.  But more and more business owners are implementing bright colors keeping their brand identity in mind. Best web development company in Australia can help you in winning your target audience.
  • Illustrations And Icons: Visuals will play a great role in future web design ideas.  Illustrations are a good way of attracting customers. It helps you customizing icons and content to create a strong emotional bond with the user.
  • Backgrounds: Videos are considered to be effective content formal. Videos will become more popular in the coming days. Abstract images or motion pictures are always in demand. This trend has gained all the more important with the rising demand for e-commerce and Magento Development. Slow loading is another reason when it comes to losing customers.
  • Geometric Figures And Web Design: Geometric figures can serve as helpful elements when it comes to web designing. Brand’s uniqueness increases with contemporary geometric figures in web designing.

Design trends always change but it would always remain a form of communication between the customer and the owner. Have a smartly designed website by a reputed web development company in Australia following this unique and classic trends of the present and the upcoming year.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

With this extent of development in the online space, it has become primarily important to set aside a separate budget for online promotions and marketing. Our whole generation is of people who are absolutely pro-technology and the rest of the chunk are also showing a similar inclination towards technology. With that being said, online advertising and promotions have become critical to the success of any enterprise. If you also want your business to partake in this form of marketing then consider the best SEO agency in Perth, Australia.

In this era of Digital age, people have become slaves to technology. It is not just the Millennial who stand out for their presence in the online space but older generations too are embracing the new development with arms wide open. All of us spend so much time on the internet around different digital platforms that it has become so important for a business to have its presence everywhere. It is great that business realizes the fact and want to leverage on this online publicity. If you want the same for your business then come to us. We will serve all your potential needs with absolute excellence. This is what makes us the best SEO agency in Perth, Australia.

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Business:-

Marketing these days is not just about distributing pamphlets, getting advertisements printed in Newspapers and Magazines, having same commercials being broadcasted on TV and Radio, or sending out postcards. You may keep doing these things but the result would not show. Since most of your target audience is on their phones and other gadgets and you need to approach them there. This is what has made it so important for the businesses to go for Digital Marketing. So, let us help you make the best of it with the minimum amount spent. Being, the best SEO agency in Australia, we can definitely vouch for our services and commit to giving you the maximum return on every penny you spend with us.

The audience of the businesses today is not constricted to one particular device or online space. They have their presence everywhere like –Instagram, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. For a business, it is significant to approach them through all these sources and this is exactly what we excel in. We help business connect to their potential customers and clients through all these sources. We have got a great experience with different platforms. So, get on board with the best SEO Company in Perth, Australia to explore all this for yourself.

Our SEO services include a perfect amalgamation of all the SEO tools and Techniques that will sky-rocket the success of your business. Even our Digital Marketing and SEO technique are immaculately up-to-date.

The SEO techniques that worked years ago are all passé now. So, we don’t make you spend money on those obsolete techniques. The Digital marketing space has evolved a ton since its inception and we have had a firsthand experience of this growth. So, we very well know what works best for your business and industry type. Our SEO team is the best in Australia, and we adhere to all the right rules and SEO techniques to make your business a HUGE SUCCESS!

With marketing, it is so very essential to reach the right audience to make it work for you. As talked above, the practices of traditional marketing are so outdated. There is no valid response and the outcome of the marketing can never be known. However, that is all different from Digital promotions. With Digital marketing, you will get to connect directly to the customer and the response is very well recorded. You will get a hand over the Customer’s behavior which is not possible with traditional methods of marketing. This kind of knowledge in Digital Marketing is what makes your business a pro. So, subscribe to our excellent digital marketing services and benefit immensely from it.

So, subscribe to our Digital Marketing services and taste the success yourself. We are the best SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Australia. Marketing these days is all about connecting with potential clients at the right place and at the right time and we let you do that. We will make sure that you are able to connect to them through all the valid options and even stay on the top.

It is not just about connecting to your customers but what is more important is to stay on the top and beat your competitor’s too. It is not just your business which realizes the relevance of having a prominent image online. The competitors too are plentiful online, then that is where you should go. You need to beat them up and leverage the opportunities of the online pace in the best way. So, let us be your guide in that. Avail our Best SEO Packages in Australia and climb up to the ladder of success with utmost publicity and brand credibility.

Technologies which are potential to transform Small Businesses in 2019

Technologies which are potential to transform Small Businesses in 2019

We’re no longer stuck in the era where humans were leading the way! With the continuously changing time, technology has transformed the entire way we used to work and manage our business whereabouts.

It’s the time when machines are competitive enough to give an edge to edge fight to human intelligence and capabilities. Technologies like bitcoin, chatbots, and robotics have been influencing the obsession leading the digital wave to the numerous industries. While the business owners are all aware of the trending technologies, not everyone may have a sorted approach to implement the technologies into their businesses. It’s imperative to reconsider the long-followed strategy and implement the available technologies individually.

Here’s a list of the most trending technologies getting small businesses on the place-

  • Messenger Bots

Your customers don’t have to stay in queue to get their call connected, neither they have to struggle for placing their orders anyway. Messenger bots are perfect to handle customer queries and make peace with everything they require at the moment. As millennials today are majorly contributing their part in every possible sector, providing them the ease of ordering through Facebook & WhatsApp will attract a better customer base and significantly build trust among the targeted audience. Request a quote from a chatbot development company and get listed with the best-suited bot for your business.

  • Internet of Things

IoT is the current buzzword and undoubtedly acting as a connecting bridge between the real-world objects and the network connecting each of them to the internet. Turning every object smart, IoT brings technology at its best. The best example is a smart home where each bulb hanging around is connected through a network, there are intelligent security alarms and car automation to completely transform the way products connect in the real world. IoT based products facilitate small businesses, proving to be a valuable investment, seizing all new opportunities and ultimately reducing the total cost of operations.

  • Blockchain & Digital Currency

Every business needs data security and an easy management system to keep track of their transactions. The blockchain is the electronic ledgers that are completely reliable in record keeping. While dealing in digital currency, it’s a huge network of buyers and sellers, for instance, Bitcoin made headlines right after its launch. One of the best ways to get started with digital currency is by accepting cryptocurrency payments for transactions and digital trading. Having blockchain at work will reduce your time and effort in managing business transactions and data security. All informed shared will be recorded in a digital database accessible only to permitted individuals.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Small businesses often feel short of potential ways to promote their product or brand, AR can be the revolution in brand promotion with its ability to track customer behavior and fetch the most filtered results to facilitate in making useful strategies for promotion and branding. For a better idea, choose the best  augmented reality app development company near you and get going with your AR app! In the case of Virtual Reality, customers can have a virtual experience of a particular product (in development) or a service. For instance, builders often use the same method to get their property visualized in an entire 3D model for best possible detailing.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Technologies like AI is redefining convenience, top developers suggest that a combination of AI, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing can together act as the powerpack in their radical and computational power. No manual efforts can measure user behavior more accurate than AI. The technology trio can understand user behavior and purchasing the pattern in milliseconds. NLP is the best tech tool for chatbots helping customers to get their queries sorted. We aren’t in favor of increasing workforce costings, in fact, implement technologies to get machines at work!

Apart from having technologies by your side, do not forget to utilize social media for promoting your brand. In the current era, social media is powerful than ever and we’re experiencing the extensive reach like never before. Keep the imperative pointers in mind while dropping your hands on social media-

  • Use Twitter for regular shares
  • Don’t rush to get popular, get genuine likes with the content and services your customers would love
  • Measure user engagement through social media analytics
  • Keep up with Instagram trends and get through the trending posts to achieve a better user base
  • Post short videos on Facebook, mostly below 30 sec.
  • Posts creatives, content and videos as per user engagement

Make efforts and use the right technology best suited to your business requirements.

What Is The New Update In Laravel 5.8

What Is The New Update In Laravel 5.8

It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around the world. Laravel launches or upgrade its feature in every six months with the significant new changes. Laravel 5.x Upgradation has been released roughly at an interval of 6 months since then it started. Like the last update, i.e., 5.7 has been launched in September 2018. Now finally the Laravel now comes up with the new updates that are 5.8.

Laravel 5.8 has been released on 26th Feb 2019 with some fantastic and beautiful new feature and also overcomes the previous bugs.

Here in this post, we will discuss the new updates or crucial changes that you should be aware of whether creating a new project from scratch or updating an existing one.

Essential Updates Of Laravel

Here is some crucial update in the Laravel 5.8

  • Email Validation

Laravel’s built-in validation rule for email in 5.8 will now allow for international characters in email addresses.

  • Dotenv 3.0

The new updates in the Laravel support the new dotenv 3.0 to manage your project’s.env environment file. The important key feature in dotenv 3.0 is good for the multiline string & white space at the end of strings in your environment file.

  • Mailable directory name changes

This is less of the new up feature but a crucial element you’ll need to be aware of when upgrading a project. If you have mailable in your project & you have customised the components using the PHP artisan vendor: publish command, the folder names have changed slightly, namely the /resources/views/vendor/mail/markdown directory is now named /resources/view/vendor/mail/text.

  • Caching

If you’re using Laravel’s caching functions, you should know that if you’re passing an integer to the cache function in laravel new updates it will apply the time to live in the seconds & not minutes as it currently is in previous laravel version, so catch:: put (‘foo’, ‘bar’, 30); will store the item for 30 minutes in the last version & 30 seconds in the the latest version of the laravel. It is one of the essential but straightforward or crucial difference.

  • Carbon version 2 support

Laravel 5.8 comes up with the Carbon 2. In these new updates, you will be able to use Carbon 1.0 or Carbon 2.0. This updates also allow you to use Carbon immutable & even make your application use CarbonImmutable as the default.

Other Updates

  • Nexmo & Slack Notification Channels

  • Array & String helper function is deprecated

  • New Error Page Templates

  • JSON Values In MySQL

Is Business Intelligence Ruling the Future?

Is Business Intelligence Ruling the Future?

Business Intelligence (BI) is much more than just a buzzword! But, is the hype worth the required attention? Various BI tools are making sensations in today’s marketplace and we’re likely to experience something better than mere business-driven data.

With the increasing e-commerce and customer-centric industries, it’s the race of acquiring more customers ultimately fetching more business. While numerous vendors are already working towards the increased integration of BI tools for better business analysis tapping greater possibilities for attaining and maintaining customers for long!

How does Business Intelligence help in reducing spend?

Every business today aims to integrate business intelligence and analytics solutions, the question is how is it useful? And does it solve the purpose? For instance, an advertising company spending heaps on the marketing budget to acquire new customers may someday reduce the spend allowance once the outcomes do not match the desired ones. While the situation could be saved if the there are instant actions on the exact things which need fixing. With the help of Bi analytics tools, a user will be able to access the necessary systems and make required changes as and when required. This can be done through the functions of third-party systems integrated into your BI tool, offering you a full-service platform.

Is BI the potential technology to rule the future?

Apart from the above-mentioned analytics benefits, Business Intelligence software users will be able to access data analytics without opening the program. Auto SMS alerts and emails with specific updates will be sent to the connected users in case of changes in the data. It is expected that this technology will evolve into AI-powered chatbots. Native language will be able to provide direct answers to user’s BI queries. Another revolutionary trend is Machine Learning, having a fair potential expected to take off in the business intelligence software industry in the near future.

BI is an absolute self-service but is security a loophole?

Having Business Intelligence integrated doesn’t always mean a central data warehouse which can only be accessed by the IT experts having no possible connection with a layman language or access rights. The later scenario will have no similarities with the current one as with the advent of BI tools, companies will improve their agility by increasing user independence from IT departments specifically to access the derived data affecting customer acquisition and hampering the required actions. As per a recent Gartner report, citizen data scientist will surpass data scientist in the amount of advanced analytics produced by 2019. Citizen data scientists will soon be able to conduct applicable tasks as assigned.

In terms of security, it is imperative to keep a check on the assigned users which are allowed to peep in the program and make changes as assigning access to the ones who should not have the same could be a threat to not just the system but, also the entire business strategies going forward.

As technology is reaching heights and the no business runs without it, get your business the latest integrations along with a custom AI development solution ensuring multiplied business success rates.

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